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Find out what's been added recently and what may be coming in the not too distant future.

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March 2022

A new game Spider has been added.


August 2018

A new magic trick the Magic Dissapearing Dice has been added.


January 2017

Two new social gambling dice games have been included: Macao and Dice Roulette.

A new magic trick, Dice Movers has been added too.


August 2016

Two new magic tricks have been added: Magic Dice And Book Trick and The Mystic Number Elimination.


Februrary 2016

Two new German dice games have been added: My Aunt - Your Aunt and Game Of Six.

A new magic trick has been included: The Magic Dice Multiplying Trick.


January 2016

A new game category for Poker Dice Games has been added.


November 2015

The Casino and Gambling Dice Games page has been updated.


October 2015

The CDG game page has been updated with some new games.


February 2015

The Magnetic Pair Of Dice Trick has been included on the Magic Dice page.


November 2014

The Hidden Numbers Rolling Trick has been added to the Magic Dice page.


October 2014

A new page has been added for Steve Jackson's Commercial Dice Games.


3 June 2014

 The Commercial Dice Games and CDG pages have been updated.


3 May 2014

The Magic Two Dice And Cards Trick has been added to the Magic/Psychic dice page.


6 April 2014

An update to the Commercial Dice Games page has been added. 

Some new links have been included.


10 March 2012

An update to the Commercial Dice Games page has been made with a new page on Collectable Dice Games.

Some new links have been included.


6th June 2011

A new page on Antique Dice has been added.

Some new links and  banners have been included, so try out the dice services on offer.


2nd December 2010

A new magic trick has been added, The Magic Number Swap.

An ancient Roman game played with astragalus has been included on the Ancient Dice Games page - Hail Victor.


Added 1st August 2010

A new dice switch is described on the Shooting/Rolling page, The Two Hand Palm Switch.

The Advanced Fortune Telling page has been updated.


Added 7th May 2010

Two new pages have been added to the Craps section:  Craps Dice Procedure and Casino Craps Cheating.

A new crooked dice roll with a dice cup has been included: The Dice Hold Up & Slide


Added February 2010

A new crooked dice throw, The Reverse Greek Shot, is described on the Shooting/Rolling page.

The Craps page has been updated with dice-play's own Craps guide and an insiders view of online Craps.

Two new family dice games have been added:  Catch Up and Three or More.

You may find some minor additions to the site generally, with things like new links, pictures, and text, as well as advertising banners.


Added 28th January 2010

Two new dice switching methods have been added to the Shooting/Rolling page: The Money Switch and Palm Switch.

A new game, Kitsune Backuchi, has been added to the dice games of the world page.


Coming in the future

Controlled Throws - More on how crooks control the dice.

Types of Dice - Antiques.

More Games - New games and categories.














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