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The Magic Dice And Card Trick

This is a simple magic trick performed with two dice, a pack of playing-cards and pen-and-paper.

You first write down the name (suit and rank) of a playing-card on a piece of paper, without your subject seeing what it is, and fold the paper up so they cannot tell what you have written down.  Then ask your subject to roll the two dice. Now ask your subject to add together the two spotted numbers rolled, turn the dice upside-down, and add the two new opposite spotted numbers to the previous total. You then ask them to announce the number they have and ask your subject to count off the same number of cards from the pack and show the last card counted. Once your subject has revealed the final card, you reveal what you wrote on the piece of paper at the start of the trick, and it is magically the same card they have selected.

The secret of this trick is that before the subject rolls the dice, you have noted down on the piece of paper the name of the 14th card from the top of the pack.  Because opposite faces of a dice total 7, you know beforehand that whatever total they roll, the two dice and their opposite sides will total 14 (7 + 7 = 14).




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