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Antique Dice

Dice have been around for thousands of years.  If you want to know about antique dice then you can find out all about them here - dice older than one-hundred years. 

Antique dice are obviously not made from modern plastics.  Materials used to make dice through the centuries are many, including ivory, bone, pottery, stone, marble, wood, silver, and more.  Just because a dice is made from one of these materials doesn't mean it's antique.  You're going to have to look for age and other indications before you can be sure a dice is antique.  They may have an accompanying box or case which can be used to more accurately date them.

Old dice collectables, like throwing cups and rolling devices, are also sought after items for a dice enthusiast.  Dice found with these antique objects may be more identifiable as antique if they are in original sets.  Commercial promotional dice have been manufactured for a long time and a makers mark will also help in ageing a set of dice.

Having said antique dice aren't made of modern plastic there were many made from early forms of plastic like Crisloid and Bois Duce.  These are early artificial substances resembling petoleum plastic.  It may be helpful to consult an antique dealer when dealing with these.  He will be able to more confidently identify dice's age than an amateur.

Ancient Roman, Greek, and Asian dice can be purchased but will not be cheap.  To get a good example you are looking at paying hundreds of euros, dollars, or pounds.  Usually made from some sort of stone, ancient dice don't always adhere to the conventional arrangement of spots, so you may find opposite sides don't always total 7.  Crooked dice were manufactured in ancient times too, and many different examples of ancient dice with a bias to favour some numbers have been found. 




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