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Types of Dice
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Types of Dice

There are so many varieties of dice that there are collectors who have amassed thousands of them, including antique, novelty, promotional, crooked and casino dice.  Take a look at the category list below and learn all about the differing variety of dice.

The words "dice" and "die" (the singular of dice) are derived from the old French "d", which in turn comes from the Latin "datum", meaning "something which is given or played". Dice are defined as throwable objects which may come to rest on a number of different sides/positions, used as a way of generating random results. This definition covers more than just the common six-sided cubes with dots, as you may see from the categories below.


Dice Categories...

           Ordinary Standard Dice

           Casino Precision or Perfect Dice

           Crooked Dice

           Backgammon Precision Dice

           Cubic Dice Without Spots

           Polyhedral Dice

           Novelty, Souvenir and Promotional Dice

           Dice Alternatives and Substitutes

           Antique Dice 



Interested in dice?

If you're interested in dice and their different types, then maybe you would like to consider collecting them.  Dice make a fascinating hobby.  Check out Dice Collecting for tips and ideas.

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