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Novelty, Souvenir & Promotional Dice

Dice have been manufactured for many different commercial products, companies, sports, sports teams, locations, and have been made with unusual aspects to their design or in different shapes from ordinary standard dice.  Here you can learn about a whole range of novelty, souvenir and promotional dice. 

There are a vast range of promotional dice available that you may occasionally come across.  Literally thousands of commercial products and companies have had their own dice manufactured for promotional purposes.  Often the one-spot is simply replaced with a commercial logo and/or brand name and/or slogan, although not always.


Commercial Poker dice sets seem to be a very popular type of promotional dice, with alcoholic drink brands and manufacturers in particular using them to advertise and promote their products.  These are probably distributed to bars and pubs by their suppliers with the intention of increasing their brand visibility  All Poker dice come in sets of five.


One quite common type of souvenir dice, (that you may find in places with a tourist presence or connection in particular), has the map-outline and the initial or mnemonic of a specific location printed on one face.  You can find dice of different countries and states of the USA in allsorts of colours.

The design of this dice was obviously inspired by it's ancestral relation to animal bones.   It works in exactly the same way as a standard ordinary dice but doesn't roll as well.


There are spherical novelty dice available that roll values from 1 to 6 like ordinary standard dice.  They work by having an internal ball-bearing inside a six-faceted chamber, within the die, which weights the opposite side to the upper value, thus ensuring one spotted number always faces directly upward.

A great way to throw a pair of dice is to use a novelty die-within-a-die.  This standard sized transparent dice has a tiny miniature die inside it which produces a second value to go with the outer transparent die's result.



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