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Backgammon Precision Dice

The traditional board game Backgammon can be played professionally for high stakes so, like casinos, players may insist on special precision dice when playing.

Similar to precision casino dice, professional Backgammon dice are specially made out of cellulose acetate to within a tolerance of 1/1000th of an inch to ensure every roll is fair and completely random.  However, they typically differ from casino dice in a number of ways.

Unlike casino dice, Backgammon dice will typically have quite rounded corners so they roll easier and to prevent damage to the playing surface.  They won't have a serial number, casino logo, and casino name marked on them either.  The size is generally smaller than casino dice, varying from between 1/2 an inch to 5/8 an inch.  Like casino dice, the spots will be drilled and filled with material of the same weight as the rest of the die's material and will have flush faces. 


Generally, Backgammon precision balanced dice will resemble ordinary standard dice more than their casino counterparts. 

Both players in a game of Backgammon throw two dice, and they may each have their own pair or may take it in turns to use just one set.

Doubling cubes are dice marked 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and are used when gambling for stakes in Backgammon  Players may repeatedly double their bets during a game and turn the cube face-up accordingly to show this.  Doubling cubes are not thrown and so don't need to be precision manufactured.


Since you can buy glass jars wholesale online, there is probably a website dedicated to selling glass dice wholesale too.



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