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The Magic Number Swap

A neat little trick to be performed with two miniature dice.  Show your subjects the dice or even let them examine them.  Then holding the two dice between your thumb and forefinger,  you pass or rub your other forefinger over the dice while raising your hand, and the spotted numbers on each dice magically swap places.

The trick is done by holding the two dice between the thumb and forefinger, with the one-spot uppermost on one of the dice and the three-spot uppermost on the other (Shown in Fig. 1).  The three-spot of the first die should be at right angles to the one-spot, with the same true of the one-spot and three-spot of the other die.  Now as you pass your finger over the dice you raise your thumb slightly and depress your middle finger so the adjoining faces uppermost are changed (Shown in Fig. 2).  To astound your audience again, you can similarly repeat the trick with the six-spot and four-spot.

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