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A fun game for any number of players but best for 3 to 6 played with two dice and a score sheet divided up into 10 segments - 2 to 12 missing out the 7. Similar to the games of Chicago and Centennial the gameplay involves rolling totals from 2 to 12 but with the difference that they can be produced in any order.


The first player rolls the two dice and adds the two numbers to produce a total.

  • If the total is 7, cross off any total on your score sheet and pass the dice to the next player.
  • If the total is still open on the player's score sheet, cross it off, then continue your turn and rethrow the dice.
  • If the total is already crossed off the player's score sheet, the first player to their left with the total still open crosses it off. The dice then pass to the next player in turn.

Play continues until a player has crossed off all the totals on his score sheet, the winner.


Another version played, simply reverses the outcome.  The first player to cross off all the totals is the loser.



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