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Inside Online Casino Craps

Here is an insiders view point on online casino Craps and how these casinos operate.

Online casinos are not regulated and overseen by one separate and enforcing body at the moment, so your experience with different casinos may vary.  They expect players to follow a certain etiquette when playing, and may dispute any underhand or left-of-field play a gambler may make in trying to get an edge on them.  Play for fun and not with any off-kilter plan or system.

The rules to casino Craps may vary according to the online casino you're playing with.  European casinos may offer better odds on some bets than other countries.  You may wish to read an online casino's Craps rules, before playing, to make sure you're happy with the game setup.


Online Casino Software Developers

Online casinos have to use software to replicate the games and playing experience you get from a brick and mortar casino.  There are a number of software companies who write and develop this software which is purchased by the online casino operators.  If you're interested in finding out more about these companies and their software, try the link below.

For a list of major online casino software providers.


Player Blacklists

Some casinos operate and share blacklists of players who, they feel, are abusing the system.  This may be by signing up for all the free bonuses they can but not playing the games any further.  It may be that a player has disputed the correctness of the software or game payout or charges too vehemently or frequently.  Multiple players from the same address may also flag up as abuse to an online casino.  So, be warned that trying to get one over on a online casino can backfire and prevent you from any further casino game play.

At the moment there is no way to get yourself off a casino blacklist.  If you want to play a lot then just make sure casinos have no reason to put you on one.


Customer Support

There may be times when you want to contact your chosen online casino for any number of reasons.  Maybe you need help, advice or wish to query or follow up on payouts and other elements of their service.  Whatever reason you may have, customer support can be a major factor in your choice of online casino.  It is important that you receive replies to e-mails and that your telephone calls are answered and dealt with properly and efficiently.  The larger online casino operations may be able to offer helplines better than smaller ones, while small operators may offer the personal touch you want.  Your experience with customer service can vary dramatically with different operators.  The best thing to do is check gambling message boards and find out what other players' experiences are with individual casino operators.  Remember, it is in an online casino's interest to give you a good service.



Assuming you've won money with an online casino then you're going to want to get your hands on the cash.  At the moment it may take weeks before any winnings you may have are paid out, either to your credit card or to your bank account.  Bear this in mind when you've won and don't go on a spending spree immediately.


Playing in the USA

George W Bush made online gambling illegal in 2006 and since then many online casinos closed their business to players from the USA.  However, there are still some online casinos who will accept American play.  Planet 7 Casino linked in the banner below actively welcome US players.







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