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The Famous Disappearing Dice

To perform this trick close your left hand into a fist, keeping your thumb on the outside. Now place a single dice on top of your fist. Then make a move as if you are taking the dice in your right hand but as you do, and your hand goes over the dice, slightly open your fist and let the dice drop into your left palm. Now you must use your powers of misdirection and showmanship, by directing your audience's attention to your right hand as though it is holding the dice. If you gaze at it intently, so will they. Meanwhile keep your left hand relaxed and use this opportunity to reach with your left hand into your pocket for your magic wand and drop the dice there. Now use your wand to tap your right fist before opening it to reveal that your hand is empty and the dice has vanished.  It is a simple trick but requires practice in order to be presented effectively.






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