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Catch Up

A fun children's game that can get quite hectic, played with two dice and counters or tokens.


One player is given a die while the other is given to the player sitting opposite.  Players sit in a circle with a number of tokens in the middle and start chanting, clapping and slapping their knees in rhythm to the chant.

/Are you / ready? / Are you / ready? /
/ If ~ / so ~ / letís ~ / go! ~ /

/ Roll now! / slap clap / What have you got? / slap clap /
/ Must you pass? / slap clap / Hope not! / slap clap /

The two players with the dice, roll them on the "Roll Now!" command in the chant.  If a player rolls a 6, they pass the dice to the next player (first die to the left; second die to the right).  Play continues as before, until a player ends up with both dice.  He then takes a token from the centre.  The game is played until a player has collected three tokens: the winner.



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