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My Aunt - Your Aunt

Also known as Meine Tante - Dein Tante when translated back to its original German. This German gambling dice game is usually played with playing cards, but the dice version has many followers. Played with two dice, stakes and on a basic layout with the six dice values marked on it.


All players place their bets against the banker, on the layout, at the same time. The banker then rolls the two dice by throwing one to the left and commenting "My Aunt", and one to the right commenting "Your Aunt". The bets are then decided according to the following rules:

  • If a player's bet has been placed on the value of the "My Aunt" die, then the banker collects it.
  • If a player's bet has been placed on the value of the "Your Aunt" die and not the "My Aunt" die, then the player receives his stake back with an equal amount from the banker.
  • If both the "My Aunt" die and the "Your Aunt" die both show the same value, then the banker collects the player's stakes placed on that dice number on the layout.
  • If a player's stake hasn't been placed on either of the two dice values, then the bet remains to be carried over for another roll of the dice.

It may take several rolls of the dice to decide players' bets. Players may place new bets between rolls.


A friendlier version can be played in which players agree that if both dice show the same value then they are both rerolled again. The two dice can be rolled together from a throwing cup but need to be of two different colours to represent the "My Aunt" and "Your Aunt".

Another version is played with only one die which is rolled to decide the "My Aunt" dice value and then turned upside down to get an opposite value for the "Your Aunt" dice result.




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