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A fairly simple gambling dice game, played with one dice and stakes or chips. This game originated in the city of Macao, China, where it is a notorious gambling game. It is for any number of players but best played with 3 to 6. Players who roll later in turn have an advantage of knowing the previous players rolls.


Each player in turn rolls the dice and continues to roll the dice and totals the numbers rolled. If a player's total goes over 9 then he is "dead" and out of the round. If a player elects to stop with a total of 9 or less then the total stands.

At the end of a round, once each player has had a turn, the player with the highest total of 9 or under, wins. In the case of equally high totals a playoff is made, with the player who tied and played last going first in the playoff round. The player who wins a round then receives a chip. The next player to the one that started the round, rolls first in the next. A number of rounds are played and the player who collects three chips first is declared the overall winner.

When played as a gambling game, each player puts a fixed amount up and the winner collects it. Sometimes a player who rolls over 9 is required to put another equal fixed amount up for the winner.


Macao can be played so a player who rolls a total of exactly 9 wins instantly.




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