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The Whip Shot - Dice Control

One of the cheat's moves to determine and control the outcome of a throw of two dice is known as the Whip Shot.  Learn how cheats can guarantee what numbers are thrown.

Also known as the Peek Shot, the Pique Shot, the Drop Shot and the Hudson Shot.  This shot takes more skill than the simple Blanket Roll, but a cheat will make great effort to learn this shot because he can control with certainty the numbers thrown.  It doesn't merely change the odds like the Blanket Roll, it sets the result as almost certain with the right conditions.

The cheat will pick the dice up and hold them in a Lock Grip with the desired numbers on the dice facing upward.  They are given a false rattle, then the cheat rolls the dice forward with his thumb towards his fingertips (as shown in the diagram).

The cheat then snaps out his wrist with the motion of snapping a whip and throws the dice, but so that the dice spin rapidly like spinning tops without turning along the horizontal axis.  The dice then land with the desired faces facing up.  To prevent the dice bouncing on a hard surface, the cheat may sprinkle salt or sand on the throwing area, so they slide, or generally soften the surface where the dice are thrown. 



A variation and extension to the Whip Shot when throwing against a backboard is the Greek Shot.







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