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The Greek Shot - Dice Control

A cheat's move named after its most prominent user, a Greek man, who successfully used it to make a small fortune at playing Craps.

A cheat needs a lot of expertise to use this shot, which will require a lot of skill and practice to perfect.  It is a form of the Whip Shot that can be used when shooting the dice against a backboard.

The cheat throws the two dice in the same way as the Whip Shot, but with such skill and accuracy that the dice hit the backboard at the precise point where the backboard meets the table or floor, with one dice positioned above the other.  The top die of the two, boxes in the bottom one on three sides (with the base surface, backboard, and top die), preventing it from turning.

Of course, you are only influencing one die, but this is enough to tilt the game's edge into the shooter's favour.  To prevent this move insist the dice must hit the backboard above the baseline.









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