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The Blanket Roll - Dice Control

A cheat's move to change the odds and control the outcome of two dice is known as the Blanket Roll.

Also known as the Soft Roll or Pad Roll because this move requires a soft playing surface to roll the dice on, such as a blanket, bed, rug, soft dirt or something similar.  This move is one of the easiest to do and was used to scam millions of dollars from American GI Craps players during both World Wars. 

The idea is to roll two dice so they turn end over end around one axis.  This cartwheel motion will eliminate two sides of each die from landing face up and so totally changes the odds.  If the dice are picked up and held in a Lock Grip then the sides of each dice facing each other and the two opposite sides can be prevented from coming up.  Study the diagram and see how the cheat pushes the dice together then smoothly lets the dice roll from his hand and turn like a wheel.


For details of which numbers to hold together, see Dice Setting.









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