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Magic/Psychic Dice

If you believe in the unknown forces of Fate and destiny or the power of the gods and the human mind then this page is for you.  Discover the mysterious and ancient properties of dice...


Dice Fortune Telling

Dice have been used for divination and prediction for thousands of years. Long before tarot cards, astrology, rune stones, etc, dice were cast to gain an insight into the future and the unknown. The term for divination by casting dice, or small objects as lots, is cleromancy. African witch doctors of certain tribes use dice for this purpose, although their dice are not the standard ones we use. Indian Hindu's use an ancient divining science called Ramala and the dice used are very similar to standard dice except they are spun on a rod. Both ancient Egypt and Rome used dice for divination.  The Greek term for divining by dice is astragalomancy from the Greek word for knucklebone dice astragalus.  There are dice especially marked with mystic symbols specifically used for fortune telling and divining.  Rune dice are a common type, but standard dice may just as easily be used.  Tibetan monks practise a dice divination technique called Sho-Mo using three ordinary standard spotted dice.

Today fortune telling with dice is not as widespread as it once was, but Romany Gypsies are said to still practice the ancient art. Dice made of bone or ivory are said to be particularly receptive, while wood, stone or a natural material are next best, but don't worry if yours are plastic, they will suffice.


Dice Magic Tricks

Once you have spent an hour or two playing dice games you may wish to amuse and impress your friends with a simple trick. The following utilise the mathematical properties of dice.

Before you try any of these tricks in front of a bar or living room audience, practice them and make sure you can complete them smoothly and with confidence. Remember, once you have performed a trick never reveal how you did it.  This will detract from your performance and your audience will no longer be impressed by your magical abilities.

The following tricks don't use the number properties of dice, but instead rely on manual dexterity or some kind of extra prop.


Dice Superstitions

The fall of a set of dice is supposed to be random, but in centuries past it was believed the gods determined the outcome. The fall of the dice gave omens of good or bad things to come and asking your gods to intervene in the outcome was a way of assuring good luck. Today dice still give rise to superstitions and many casino dice players will have their own set of Craps superstitions. Role Playing Gamers and players of standard dice games may have their own set of "lucky dice" or some quirky belief that the dice will behave in a pre-determined way if only their superstition or ritual is adhered too.   Random or controlled by some unknown cosmic force, the fall of the dice has preoccupied people for thousands of years.


Psychokinetic or Telekinetic Dice

Is it possible to use willpower to physically affect the outcome of dice rolls? Mind over matter - the mind boggles.


Dice Living

If you believe the gods or Fate determines the outcome of the dice, then why not try living by them. Use dice to decide the path your life takes - no matter what the consequences.



Zodax Cubes are d6 sets marked with mystic symbols.

Domino Magic Tricks And Fortune Telling See the related website domino-play.com for more tricks and information on fortune telling.

It is important to read this article and remember that in many places it is considered a fraud crime to obtain money through card games or tricks, betting or gambling, or fortune-telling.









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