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What Are Sports Dice Games Like?

Given the massive popularity of dice games and sports, itís no surprise to see that there have been attempts to create sports dice games. In theory, these games should give us the best of both worlds, but how are they played and what will you find if you search for them online?


Source: Pixabay

The Basics

Look for sports dice games and youíll come across titles such as Sports Dice Football by FoxMind Games. The dice in this game have symbols like a touchdown, field goal, sack, turnover, or a number of yards on them. The player on offense rolls six dice and the defense does the same, with the winning throw being the one that has the most identical symbols in it. In the event of a tie, the player with the Power Chip wins the play.

Similar games by the same company include Sports Dice Baseball and Soccer. These games work pretty much in the same way as the football version, with both players rolling their dice to see who wins on each play. However, the symbols change according to the sport being played, and anyone who is a fan of any of these sports should find it easy to understand the rules.

The Action Dice series of games is along similar lines, with football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey all covered. These games are from Action Dice Games and come in small packages, making them ideal for playing as you travel. While all of these different ways of playing with dice differ from classic dice games such as craps, threes, and red dog, they still give us the pleasure of rolling the dice and hoping to see the perfect combination.


Source: Pixabay

Other Ways of Getting Sports Action Online

The games we just looked at are played on tabletop boards with physical dice, but there are also numerous ways to play sports games online. These games donít involve dice but include titles such as Basketball Arcade, Soccer Legends, and Touchdown Rush, all of which can be played for free if you donít mind watching some ads between the spells of action.

As for the best sports games you can pay for, the variety is huge. Among the most famous brands are Madden NFL as well as the NHL and FIFA-branded games from EA, although the soccer game will lose the FIFA name after the World Cup 2022. Other options include the NBA 2K titles that are available in mobile versions.

Sports fans can also place their bets online now, as many of the major sportsbooks use bookie betting software to put the latest odds online. This means that there are hundreds of different betting markets on a variety of sports, with props, corners, and player betting available in addition to bets on the overall outcome of the event. The addition of live betting options gives another angle that lets you bet while the action takes place.

The connection between dice games and sports has grown stronger thanks to the release of these sports games where the outcome depends upon the throw of some dice. However, this is far from being the online way to enjoy sports online, with various other options when you want to take a break from dice games.




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