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7 Skill-Based Puzzle Games to Play on Your Mobile Device

Have you ever tried to master a skill-based puzzle game on your mobile phone but felt overwhelmed or blocked? Are you looking for more complex challenges than the classic solitaire and angry birds games? If so, then look no further! We've created a list of seven exciting yet challenging skill-based puzzle games available on your mobile device.

Whether thinking of strategies to solve a 3D puzzle game, escaping a room, using interactive objects to solve mysteries, being good at deductive reasoning, or becoming a master of manipulation, we've got something for everyone. Ready to take up some mind-bending tasks and hone your problem-solving skills? Let's get started!

Top-Notch Puzzle Games that Use High Levels of Skills

Looking for compelling and mind-boggling puzzle games to keep your skills sharp and ready for anything? Here are seven of the top-rated skill-based puzzle games you can play on any mobile device!

Monument Valley (1 and 2)

One of the most beautifully developed mobile games that requires manipulating the fantasy landscapes and environment is Monument Valley by Ustwo Games. The first Monument Valley was developed and published on April 3, 2014, and the story revolves around a silent princess exploring a stunning world.

After the success of the first Monument Valley, a second one, Monument Valley II, was released in June 2017 for iOS and November 2017 for Android. This time, the game focuses on a mother and her daughter on a journey to learn the secrets of Sacred Geometry.

Some of its features include:

     More story-driven than the first sequel

     Standalone story

     Solve meditative puzzles

     Discover an impossibly beautiful architecture

     Manipulate the environment

Monument Valley 1 and 2 received numerous accolades from various organizations in the gaming industry, praising their stunning visuals, challenging puzzles, and immersive gameplay experience. It's no surprise everybody is willing to purchase them for $3.99!


Minesweeper is an iconic game invented in the 1990s for Microsoft by their two employees, Robert Donner and Curt Johnson. Since its inception, it has become a massive hit among the masses! Even Bill Gates was said to have been addicted to it for a while due to the complex puzzles. Fortunately, all you need is to understand the principles of the game with some basic deductive reasoning skills to clear the field.

One platform that allows you to enjoy Minesweeper in its most basic form is play-minesweeper.org. It's designed for browsers, which almost any mobile phone and tablet have! It's ideal for puzzle players who don't want to download any smartphone app, as it allows them to play anytime without the commitment!

The Room Series

 The Room and its subsequent series is an exceptional puzzle game by Fireproof Games. The pilot game was released in September 2012 for iOS devices, and the game focuses on using your ability to solve puzzle boxes with different mechanisms. As the player, you must open each box to solve another puzzle. You can activate switches and use keys to solve these mysteries.

Other series of The Room:

     The Room Two: December 2013 release

     The Room Three: November 2015 release

     The Room: Old Sins: January 25, 2018 release

     The Room VR: A Dark Matter: March 2020 release for VR platforms

If you like uncovering mysteries and unearthing the secrets of The Room, you should download it on your mobile devices. It only costs $0.99, and it's a small investment for a game that's to die for!


A game that will mess up your perspective is hocus. by gamebra.in. The minimalist design of this indie puzzle game will get you hooked. The game challenges your comprehension skills, especially for those unsure how far it will go! It's like an optical illusion in the palm of your hand!

 hocus. Has tons of perspective illusion, mind-blowing, and AI generated puzzle games based on M.C. Escher's drawings and impossible shapes. With its incredible and original gameplay, hocus. will get you puzzled for hours! It's available for download on both iOS and Android devices for free!


Indie game developers are always the best ones, especially when it comes to creating puzzle games. Monument Valley, hocus., and The Room are some excellent examples! An addition to our list is Mekorama, which Martin Magni developed for mobile users.

The game tasks players to solve 50 complex mechanical dioramas with the help of a tiny robot. You can also test your skills in making dioramas with the Diorama Maker. In addition to that, you get to enjoy its relaxing gameplay while collecting cards and meeting charming robots.

Baba Is You

With many similarities to the traditional Sokoban puzzle game, Baba Is You has more exciting features and adorable characters. It's an award-winning puzzle game by Hempuli, which allows players to change the rules by which they play.

Intense features of Baba Is You:


     Uses cryptic words instead of blocks

     Push certain words to solve a puzzle

     Unlock profound abilities

By manipulating the words, you can change the level into something else. Your ability to win and surpass the level lies in your hands, and it can be gratifying, especially when you're stuck for hours! Its Baba Is You game received numerous awards and recognition in various gaming events, costing $6.99 in the Google Play Store!

Golf Peaks

Are you a big fan of golf and puzzles? Then, it must be your lucky day because Golf Peaks is a puzzle game by Afterburn that combines the two gaming elements into one unique experience. Here, you can explore and play through over 120 levels, allowing you to climb numerous mountains!

You can use cards to move the ball, and you get to conquer summits the more levels you solve and worlds to complete. For only $2.99, you can enjoy this stunning and relaxing puzzle game on Google Play Store.

Kickstart Your Puzzle Solving Journey with These Skill-Based Puzzlers 

Are you ready to show off your skills as a puzzle solver? With these games, you can take on different challenges and immerse yourself in beautifully crafted worlds while enjoying unique gameplay mechanics. These games are perfect for anyone seeking a break from traditional gaming genres and a new challenge. Try them today on your mobile devices for free or for a small fee!
























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