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The Spin Shot - Dice Control

A very simple dice cheat's move that can determine the result of two dice with certainty.    

The Spin Shot can be used by cheats in any private two dice game that doesn't use a throwing cup.  The idea is to shake two dice fairly and convincingly, but to sneak a look at the bottom numbers of the dice before you throw them.  Remember, if you know the values on the bottom of the dice, then you can work out the values on the opposite upper faces (6 - 1, 5 - 2, 4 - 3).   If the numbers on the dice are what the cheat is after, he will make his false throw.  If the numbers aren't already there, then he will manipulate them with his thumb so that his desired values are on the upper faces and then make his false throw. 

The false throw is performed by slamming the dice down with the palm of the hand face down to the flat playing surface and sliding the dice out to one side with a spin on their vertical axis, but not turning end-over-end.  The spin of the dice can be achieved with the cheat's thumb and fingers and a lot of practice.

A cheat must be very careful to only use this move occasionally, at key important points in a dice game, or otherwise the slide and spin of the dice becomes obvious and will certainly raise suspicions with the other players.  But with the fair and convincing shake of the dice openly shown to the other players, the cheat may get away with the Spin Shot on occasion.


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