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The Mouth Switch - Dice Control

A legendary cheat's move to switch a single die for a crooked one is the Mouth Switch, which has been used to scam considerable sums of money from even experienced gambling operators.

This move was first dreamt up in New York in the 1930s, where it was used to make a handsome profit at Craps by a cheat who became known as The Spitter.  It only switches one die, but this is easily enough to change the odds into the shooter's favour as long as the right crooked die is swapped into a game.  The Spitter allegedly used a mis-spotted Top and Bottom marked twice with a 1, 2, and 3 which prevents the rolling of high numbers. He couldn't roll anything higher than a 9, so simply just bet against the 10 in his Craps games.

Before the cheat is about to shoot the dice, he pretends to cough and holds his hand up to cover his mouth.  It is at this point he places his crooked die in his mouth.  When the stickman gives him the straight dice to throw, he blows on them for luck, as is the custom for many crapshooters and, under the cover of his closed hand, he spits out the crooked die into his hand and pushes one of the straight ones into his mouth in its place.  He now shoots the dice without anyone ever thinking a switch has taken place. 





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