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The Most Popular Dice Casino Games for Real Money

If you are like most successful gamblers, you want to put some effort into your games to increase your chances of winning. You want to play a game that requires little skill and leave everything to chance. The best solution to this is rolling the dice. Fortunately, most casinos offer a wide variety of dice games.

You can play these games on your mobile phone at home or with your friends. These games are usually simple to understand and play. Now, when it comes to gambling with dice, the game that comes to the minds of most gamblers is Craps. Craps is an amazing game. However, we are going to broaden your horizon by sharing with you other simple and amazing dice games.

1.      Chuck-a-luck

Chuck-a-luck is a common game that youíll find in many small casinos. It is simple and thrilling. The game is usually played using a spinning hourglass that holds dice.

Players place their bets and dealer cranks and spins the hourglass. Three large dice fall into a spinning cage. There are five types of bets that players can place. Since the table games are usually divided into different betting zones, you can place chips on any number that you think the dice will show after being rolled. The higher the bet, the higher the amount of money youíll take home if you win.

2.      Klondike

Klondike is a popular game thatís played with five dice. Itís simple. The dealer rolls the first dice and then the player rolls to achieve a higher combination. There six combinations. They include five of a kind, four of a kind, full house, two pairs, and one pair.

When using online casino echt geld to play for real money, Dutch players can place a bet to roll a higher combination than that of the dealer. To place a lower bet, you have to roll lower than the dealer. To beat two aces, you have to roll two pairs.

Remember, all ties count as a win for the casino. Therefore, it can be difficult to win continuously. The game is easy to play and win in case lady luck happens to visit you.

3.      Hazard

Real money craps is said to have evolved from Hazard. Therefore, if youíve been looking for a simplified version of real money Craps casinos, this is the ideal game for you. The best thing about this game is that it was invented much earlier than most casino games.

Most gambling games can trace their origins back to ancient Egypt and China. However, this is not the case for Hazard. Experts report that Hazard was invented by Europeans in the 12th century. Those are thousands of years back.

The game has very few rules and it's only played with two dice. To play this game, you need to decide who rolls first. This player is known as the caster. The caster chooses any number between five and nine. The number is commonly referred to as the casterís main. If you choose to be the caster, youíll have the opportunity to choose your main. Most players choose 7 because itís easier to roll statistically than other numbers. Other players will place bets that depend on whether the caster wins or loses.

4.      Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a Chinese game that made its way to the West in the 19th century. Sic Bo is a simple game that appears on the Best Online Gambling Sites in Pennsylvania. If you see it at a gaming table, it can be intimidating. The game table has different combinations and payouts. After placing your bets on the table, the dealer will use an electronic shaker to throw dice on the table.

The table is divided into different sections. You can place a bet on the number that will show up on the first, second, and third dice. The gaming table has all the information about the odds. Therefore, youíll barely have to think while playing this game.


These are some of the best dice games available on both online and land-based casinos. You can also play these games with your friends. Which dice game are you going to try out today?





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