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How to play craps with the best odds?

Craps is one of the most popular casino dice games to ever exist. Why? It is fast-paced and offers the best odds in gambling if you know your tricks and tips of the trade. The tricks remain the same whether it is an online crap game or at a brick and mortar casino in your favorite gambling city. Let us find out some of the best insider tricks to play craps with the best odds and win!

Odds are the basic ratio of your chances to win and the number of remaining possibilities. In any basic casino dice game, the odds are mostly in favor of the operators. If you are making a single number bet, the chances of getting a hit are only 5 to 1. So, as a better, you are at a disadvantage, and this disadvantage is known as the House Edge.

Strategic crap play with the best odds

Though House Edge is always high in casino games, craps generally offer the best odds in any casino game, but only if you know how to play. When you as a player bet the pass line, don’t pass line, a come bet, or a don’t come bet, you can place an odds bet. Odd bet is like raising money in a card game. It simply adds a risk/wager to the original bet you made 

Most casinos have rules about odd bets, whether online or offline. Most of them only allow odd bets to match up to the original bet or even several times more than it.

The biggest advantage in odds bet in craps is that you will get an even-money payout on the original bet amount. How does it work?

Let us assume that the point is at 10. If you bet $50 on the pass line, you stand a chance to win $50 every time he hits point until he reaches 7. In such cases, you can win 2 to 1 odds on the odd bet. So, if you are to add another $200 to the bet, you stand a chance to win $400.

This makes odd bets one of the only neutral house advantage bets, making it quite a safe bet to go with.

Pro Tip

1.    The odds bet is one of the most played and safest bets because you can decide with each roll if you want to continue. If you lose confidence in your shooter, you can opt out and wait for the next shooter to start playing.

2.    Remember, everybody at the table generally always plays “pass line” odd bets. So, if you want to increase your chances of winning an odd bet, you can bet the “don’t pass line.” When you are the only one betting on the, don’t pass line, then when everyone in the table losses, you win.

The biggest reason why odd bets in craps work so well is the low house advantage. Betters lose very little, but if they bet right and their luck favors, they can earn a lot of money in no time.



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