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Telekinetic or Psychokinetic Dice

Ever heard the theory of telekinetic or psychokinetic mind-control of dice? It isn't an uncommon belief that dice can be controlled by thought and will-power alone.  Before you bet your life savings on this belief, get the true facts.

Dr. Joseph Banks Rhine of Duke University, North Carolina, USA was the first person of note to make the claim that ESP (mind control) could control or effect the outcome of dice when seemingly randomly thrown.  He conducted a series of experiments and published many of his results and theories on dice mind control from the 1930s onward.  Dr. Rhine is said to be the father of the pseudo-science of parapsychology.

One of Dr. Rhine's more infamous claims was that he had met and subsequently studied and experimented with a young amateur gambler who could control the values rolled with dice using thought.  However, if we take a close look at his studies and conclusions a number of glaring judgement errors come to light.  For a start he conducted his experiments with standard ordinary dice and not casino precision dice.  These dice will favour some values more than others over a significant number of rolls and are just simply not good enough for a scientific study.  Another flaw in the experiment is whether the results can be consistently reproduced over and over again for a huge number of rolls.  Everyone who has gambled on random events or rolled dice has experienced a "lucky streak" when favourable results come up more times than would be generally mathematically expected.  Anomalies in random results can and definitely do happen very frequently.  If someone could consistently alter the outcome of dice results they should have amassed a huge fortune by now   What Dr. Rhine also doesn't state in his results is whether he specified before the experiment how many rolls would be used for the study.  Maybe he stopped further rolls of the dice when there was a definite bias in the values thrown and a considerably greater number of dice throws would have evened out the results.  No study of telekinetic dice control has ever shown any proof of the phenomena and then subsequently stood up to scientific scrutiny.

If anyone could really alter the outcome of dice rolls by telekinesis/psychokinesis they would have no argument or problem with putting up real hard cash to back up their claims.  Let's see them perform their feats of mind control in a casino with precision dice and under strict casino conditions, following casino procedure.  These procedural requirements are more like a scientific study's conditions and would truly show any slight alteration to random dice rolls or ESP control of dice.  The only proven methods of biasing dice results are the unscrupulous and illegal ones of crooked dice and controlled dice rolling.

Two related topics to telekinetic dice control are general dice superstition and Craps superstions.  If you think some kind of unknown "cosmic" force controls dice when thrown you should really read-up and get a handle on how dice truly generate random results.   









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