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Could you live your life by random chance or let fate and the gods decide?  Some people did after reading a powerful novel.

In 1971, a book was published under the pen-name Luke Rhinehart called The Dice Man. It is a fictional account of a man who makes choices and decisions in his life by the throw of a die. His choices and the die lead him to take actions that have far reaching consequences. I strongly recommend that you don't take things as far as the subject of the book. However, the book developed a cult following and many people who read it were inspired to use dice in their day-to-day choices to add excitement and unpredictability to their lives.

To begin with you could use the throw of a die, at the weekend, to decide which club or bar you will go to. Then use the die to decide what to drink and when to leave or maybe who you will approach that night. The author met his wife after he passed two women in his car and decided, on the throw of a die, to go back and approach them. Think of all the possible options and decisions in your day-to-day life and then use a die to select one.

Decide you will do a particular thing or take a course of action if, for example, you roll a 6. With only two choices use odd numbers for one and evens for the other. With three choices, assign two numbers to each of them. Or give a choice more possible outcomes than the others and so more probability that you will have to do it.

Remember you should only choose options that you know you could possibly do. There is no point making one option something that won't be taken up and seen through. Some people use the die as an excuse to do something that they have secretly wanted to try, but never previously have ('the dice told me to do it'). It can become a compulsive pastime and the thrill of living by chance very exciting. It is not for everyone, but for those of you who do decide to try it, good luck, and may the dice lead you to adventure and new experience.

The Dice Man is an explicit, graphic book with violent and sexual content and is not suitable for children or those who are easily offended. If you have a broad and open mind then you may enjoy it.









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