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Worthy Links

Here is a list of links that are just worthy, with no relation to dice or Craps, in no particular order.

Liberal Democrats UK The least corrupt political party in the UK with the most common sense.

Greenpeace International The eco group's international site which links to all their national sites.

Oxfam International A group of non governmental organisations who help to feed the hungry in third world countries.

Amnesty International Stand up for human rights.

Paul De Aragon Artist and musician's homepage. Featured on BBC Radio 1

Quit Day Smoking Find help and advice if you want to quit smoking.

Nature Organisation for nature conservation and awareness.

Tobacco Free Life A guide on how to quit smoking.

www.consumerdangers.com Info on common dangers found in consumer products and services.

https://www.ukat.co.uk/ Help for people with addictions in the UK.

If you have a link you'd like dice-play to add, then send an e-mail with the details, and if it really can be considered worthy, dice-play will put it up.













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