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RPG & CDG Links

You can find allsorts of links and resources for Role Playing and Collectable Dice Games here.

Role Playing Games

Wizards D'n'D The official D&D site. 

www.dndonlinegames.com Good for Dungeons & Dragons.

Myth Weavers Premiere site for play-by-post.

RPG Shop.com Supplies games and dice and stuff.

Chris's Free RPG Games Lots of links to FREE pen-and-paper RPGs. 

RPG.NET RPG news and shop.

RPG Game Design Sites & Resources

RPG Industry A site for professionals.  Find local retailers, join in the forums, resources, jobs, share information, and more.

RPG Writers Club 

The Forge  RPG design community.  Check out the Indie Design Forum, and read the stickies, lurk and absorb the articles too. 

rpg-create A list discussing the creation of Role Playing Games (style, mechanics, genre, etc).

Story-Games  RPG game design site dealing with "story games" or games focused on narrative. 

Random Number Generators

Hot Bits Random Numbers A site that generates random numbers by radioactivity.
Random.org A site dedicated to random number generation using atmospherics.

Collectable Dice Games

Dragon Dice
SFR Inc. Official manufacturers site.
Chuck Pints Dragon Dice Dragon Dice described and illustrated with lots of other information.
Yahoo Dragon Dice Yahoo group.  Sign up and join in.

Button Men
James Ernest Games Official manufacturers page.
Beat People Up Official players site.
Warp Zone Button Men

Star Trek Dice
Ryan Watts Star Trek Chat Discussion board.

Chaos Progenutus
Progenutus Yahoo Group Yahoo Group.  Sign up and join in.

Marvel Super Dice
Marvel Super Dice Books

Throwing Stones
Trading and info.

Trollteq Info for dead game.


Official Website 

Diceland at Board Game Geek  


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