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How to Spot A Crooked Die

When we are playing casino games, whether it is in a real-life casino or online at somewhere like EnergyCasino, we have to put all of our faith in the dice being used being fair and legal. The vast majority of casinos will be fair and above board when it comes to the dice that they use, but there is always the odd rogue one or, in private games, a player that uses a crooked or a loaded die. 

For all but the most experienced of gamblers, spotting a crooked die can be quite the challenge. They are cleverly made as to not arouse any suspicion. Here, we look at some of the things to look out for so that you do not get taken in or scammed by a crooked die.

A close - up of some dice

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Types of crooked dice

Loaded dice: This sort of die is modified on the inside, making it much harder to spot without close inspection. These dice are weighted on the inside, causing the opposite side to come up more often.

Cut edges: The edges on one of these have different angles to the standard 45͓͒ This means that some sides have larger areas than others. The larger sides will come up more often.

Bevels: Bevelled dice will have some slightly rounded sides, usually created with sandpaper. This means that the chances of the die landing on the flat side is increased - the round sides tend to roll around more.

Two-way flats: These are often called fast sevens or four-way sevens. They are shaved down on sides that are not opposite to one another, so that there is a much greater chance of rolling a seven if using two two-way flats dice. 

Six ace flats: These are amongst the most commonly found crooked dice. The six and one sides are shaved down, increasing the chances of them being rolled and rolling a total of seven.

There are, of course, other types of crooked dice to watch out for; these are just a few of the more common ones that would-be cheats use.

  How do you spot a crooked die?

Now you know more about the different types of loaded or crooked dice, you need to know more about how to spot them in play. Most changes to the appearance of the dice are so subtle that you would not spot them by simply looking at them across a craps table, for example. However, if you do suspect you are playing against someone using a crooked die, this is how to tell for certain.


Grab a glass of water.

No, it is not thirsty work; quite the opposite - it is really simple. Drop one of the dice into the water. Do it gently and donít drop it from any great height. Do it from as close to the top of the water as possible. If the die turns over as it is falling through the water, it is more than likely loaded. Try doing it a few times with a different number facing upwards each time. If certain numbers come up more than others, itís* a sign it is loaded. Legitimate dice should land evenly at the bottom of the glass.

Flats can be a little harder to identify. The best way to do so is to hold them together with some legitimate ones and compare them - some sides will be shorter than others

Of course, one way of avoiding playing with someone who uses crooked dice is to play online, on a site such as EnergyCasino.







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