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How do VIP programs work at online casinos?


There are many genius ways that online casinos seek to gain a competitive advantage in what is an extremely crowded industry. The first challenge they’ve got is obtaining new visitors to their site. In an increasingly crowded space, a space that is rapidly expanding to accommodate new sites and new operators, that challenge can be somewhat difficult. They utilise schemes such as welcome bonuses, a variety of payment methods, and solid customer support to incentivise them to do so.

But then the second challenge they have is how to retain and keep their customers happy. And to do this, a lot of them have created VIP programs. VIP stands for “very important person”, and in this sense, it is meant to represent rewarding the loyalty of their high rollers or loyal players in ways that are important to them. From the first bitcoin casino for VIP players to the many that now operate,  all will typically reward the frequency of how much they’re playing and, by definition, how much the player is betting, whether it is slots, table games or other.

How do these VIP programs work and reward players?

Essentially, the reason behind these programs is to keep players playing the games at their online casinos. It’s to make them feel valued, but at the same time, it’s to ensure that they keep playing at their casino and don’t go to one of their competitors. They understand that the easy challenge is obtaining the players, but the real value is in the retention of these players and making sure that they’re enjoying their time on the site.

As a VIP player, depending on the online casino that you’re playing at, these rewards that you get if you’re in a VIP program can be very generous indeed. Some casinos offer a tier type system whereby you could be, for example, a silver- or gold-level VIP. The rewards become more lucrative the further you go up the ladder from silver to gold.

The types of bonuses and rewards that you can expect to receive from participating in these programs include increased bonuses. This could be in the form of a special increase in odds should you want to bet, or increased rewards based upon what level of VIP you are and what your win is. You typically also have someone on their customer support team who is dedicated to ensuring that you are happy with your experience on the site and can answer any queries or alleviate any concerns for you in a timely manner.

There are ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your VIP experience. This is done by choosing the right casino. Do your research before signing up to see what the potential benefits are. Also, you may lose your VIP status if you aren’t active enough on the site or there is a long break in your betting activity. And always make sure that whatever benefits are available to you, you take advantage of them.

In summary

VIP programs are certainly a scheme that you will probably want to get yourself involved with if you spend a fair amount of time at online casinos. Casinos are constantly looking over their shoulder at their competitors. Additional bonuses and promotions provide you with value for money, makes you feel appreciated as a customer.

There are also has plenty of other great perks that we have touched upon today. So if you get the chance we seriously recommend becoming a VIP.

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