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Casino Craps Gambling Guide   9/2/2021

Craps can seem confusing to the beginner but don't be put off. The basic game is quite simple. The layout on a craps table has many betting spaces but to enjoy the game and get going you only have to know a few.


At the start of a round of craps the person throwing the dice (known as the shooter) throws the dice and anyone who has bet on the Pass area of the layout wins if the dice show a total of 7 or 11. Anyone who has bet on Don't Pass wins if the dice totals 2,3,or 12. Any other number becomes the Point number and the shooter continues to throw the dice until they either thro a 7 or they throw the Point number again. If the 7 is thrown the Pass bettors lose their bets but if the Point number is thrown Pass bettors win and the don't Pass bettors lose.

That is the basics of the game and you can play like this and fit into the gameplay quite well. As you play more you can begin to learn about more betting spaces available.

If you want to learn more try this how to play Craps guide. The game is very exciting to play and there is a whole world of possibilities to it. An entire subculture has grown up around the game through the centuries to this day. Once you get started you'll be hooked so give the game a try. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy it. That is why it is one of the most popular games in a casino..

Remember that gambling can be fun and people can get carried away with the excitement of playing. So set a limit to how long you are going to play. And if you hit a winning streak, know when to quit.



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