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Dice Gambling Guidelines

Here is some free advice if you're going to gamble with real cash in a dice game. 

Remember, if you are gambling with money then only play with what you can afford and are prepared to lose. Set a limit and stick to it. Play for fun and you may get lucky but don't simply believe your luck will eventually change and you will win your money back. If you are playing in a casino then the House, over the long run, is taking a percentage of your money as you play. If you see gambling as an entertainment then you will accept that the House edge is what they charge for the service and that casinos have operating costs (and a healthy profit) that they must cover. If you do get lucky (people do, that's why they gamble) that's just a bonus, but don't assume and expect that you will, in fact expect to lose.

Having said that the House is taking a percentage of your money in the long run, in the short term your money flow could vary wildly.  You could be way up one moment and way down the next.  But the longer you play the more certain it becomes you'll eventually lose.

For some people gambling is a problem.  Do you feel the need to carry on gambling, if you've lost, to win the money back?  Do you borrow or sell things to fund your gambling habit?  Does it take up work or all your spare time?  If you're not enjoying your gambling and you have money difficulties then you have a gambling problem.

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Which kind of gambler are you?

Social gamblers are people who play infrequently and with relatively small amounts of money that they can afford to lose. They see gambling as fun and a chance to let their hair down. They often seem to be enjoying the thrill of the game. These people realistically know they can expect to lose money and except it.

Habitual gamblers or dice degenerates are hooked. Gambling can be an addiction like drugs or drink and some people are more pre-disposed to this than others. Unlike occasional gamblers the habitual player will hardly show any emotion to either a win or a loss. The constant tension of waiting for the outcome of their bets and the bottling up of emotion can effect their health. They always live in hope of a big win and even when this happens they are not strong enough to save it and keep away from further gambling. They may or may not be intelligent but always think they are when it comes to gambling. They are often superstitious, carrying lucky charms and with lucky rituals. This is what you must guard against and prevent yourself becoming.

Professional gamblers are not cheats or crooks but simply know when the odds are in their favour. Operating a game, making or taking bets with the odds in their favour or charging players to take part in a game is the way they make money.

High rollers are people who have a lot of money to gamble with. Other players often think that they know what they are doing, and that they must have knowledge of the game and so may place their bets following the high rollers lead. High rollers are wealthy people who can afford to lose the money and not just simply smart gamblers.

Hustlers work the odds in their favour and don't necessarily resort to out and out cheating. They look for suckers to take odds that an experienced gambler wouldn't take.

Cheats and crooks will use crooked dice and controlled throwing techniques. They may be amateur or professional but either way they don't care how they make their money. An amateur will come un-stuck very soon and may be physically punished for it but the professional is harder to spot and is prepared to take the risk.

Casinos are businesses. They are not gambling, they know that they will win over the long run because of the odds, the edge and the percentage built into the games.


Beware of crooked dice and controlled throws. Today's major casinos are respectable, professional operations and have no need to cheat. Don't play with strangers but rather stick to a friendly game with people you know well and trust. Should you ever find that you are in a crooked dice game, the best advice is to cut your losses and take no further part. Even if you are positive the game is rigged, the situation could rapidly turn ugly if you where to accuse someone




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