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5 Classic Dice Games That are Still Popular Today


Source: Pixabay

As with many classic styles of play, the classics can never be beaten. That’s why dice games are becoming more popular and coming back into fashion. While card games will always remain popular, fewer people passed down the tradition of classic dice games to enable them to live on. But, 2020 will be the year that dice games rise to meet the challenge and win over legions of fans who want exciting, tense, and strategic gameplay. What are some of the most popular dice games? And will they all make a comeback?


The classic parlour game bunco shows just how competitive a game can be from a few dice. The rules of the game make each team have to try to score points using the numbers on the dice. The more players, the more exciting the game as all the dice faces must read the same number to achieve a ‘bunco’. Its origins are that of a confidence game – as the fun of the game comes from the dice giving the same value. Bunco is still very popular in the USA and many people host bunco parties for family and friends due to 12 or more players being ideal.


Craps is one of the most classic dice games – and the most popular one played in casinos. Even James Bond played craps briefly. The gameplay is simple. Players need to make bets based on the outcome of a roll of the dice. While game theory and mathematics do come into the game, sometimes the end result comes down to plain luck. Before you take your craps skills out of the house, you could try to play craps online to get a feel for the game. The digital online version is another example how classic gameplay has merged with modern technology in order to offer something new.

Sic Bo

Traditional Chinese game Sic Bo is played with three dice which are used to form bets on certain conditions of the dice outcomes. As with games such as roulette, bets are placed on various parts of a board. Then, the dealer opens a chest containing the dice and reveals the combination – and also the winners. There are similarities to craps in how the bets are placed and how the winners are chosen. There is a USA version called chuck-a-luck or birdcage in which the dice are placed in a wire mesh resembling a cage as the players place their bets and await the outcome.

Liar’s Dice

For those wanting to add another layer to their dice games, Liar’s Dice adds a bluffing element to the game. For playing with friends or for developing your poker face, Liar’s Dice can be very effective. The game revolves around seeing one of the dice you have rolled and concealing the other one. You then bet on the outcome to see who has the better combination. But, as with most bluffing games, you are not implored to be strictly honest about what you have rolled. There are many variations and more than two people can join in to make the bluffing even more intense.


Source: Pixabay


Kismet – the Turkish word for fate – is a dice game that is played with different colored pips in the dice. Points are scored for rolling the dice and having matching colored pips to the category that would score the points. Usually, there are five dice thrown, and each combination means something different. Like with poker, there are many different combinations of dice that award different points. These include three of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house and a kismet. A kismet is where all five of the dice thrown show the exact same number.

There are many other games that incorporate dice into the gameplay but are not strictly dice games. Yahtzee, for instance, uses a version of the dice and has similar gameplay to kismet. Boggle also features a dice, but their faces are letters and not numbers. The aim of that game is to make word combinations to score points. Backgammon also utilizes dice as players move their pieces around the board, with the dice being instrumental factors of luck in who is allowed good turns and who isn’t. Most other board games – from Monopoly to Ludo – feature a die, which shows just how important it is in gaming.

The popularity of dice games making a comeback is down to two main factors. Firstly, digital ways mean that we can play dice games more easily. For instance, some apps mimic the throw of a dice with a random dice face generator, so can replicate the need to have dice everywhere we go. Other classics are perfect party games for when we socialize. Ultimately, classic dice games provide excitement, tension, and simple gameplay, which means they are suited for many different audiences.




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