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5 fun dice games to play today

Planning a fun evening with work colleagues or friends? Once the snack menu is set, you will want to plan a way to share the time in a pleasurable way – a game night could be the perfect match. We made up a list of games using dice that might catch your attention at first and later turn you into a pro. Here’s the top 5 fun dice games popular today. The good thing about dice games is, once you buy them, they are easy to store and can travel with you on vacation as well.


Doodle Master by daVinci’s Room

This dice game is creative and humorous. It combines story-telling, drawing and character impersonation and can be played by groups of four or more people. If you are looking to uncover your creative self, this game is going to help you.

In case your game evening team doesn’t show up, you always have the alternative to check out online gaming. Some dice games are available online. For everyone who wants to switch it up a bit, there are also different options for games at an online casino in PA such as poker, slots and more. The website can be used from a laptop or smartphone, using either the browser or an app. The platform offers a variety of games for experienced players, and is suitable for beginners as well.

Farkle by PlayMonster

This game combines luck and strategy and is slow enough to allow beginners to learn about risk taking. Each player is aiming to earn a score above 10,000, by rolling the dice and adding points. If the dice brings no point, it’s a “farkle”, your points get deleted, and you start from the beginning. If a player wants to play safe, to protect the points, and not roll the dice, she or he also has this option.

LCR Left Center Right Dice Game by George&Co

This is a game designed for a minimum of three players. LCR is a dynamic game that relies mostly on luck and in time might prove addictive.

As a general rule of playing, also explaining its name, you need to roll the dice and pass a chip. If the dice shows L, the chip is passed to the player on the right. If the dice shows R, you pass the chip to the player on the right. C shown on the rolled dice means that the chip is placed in the middle. The winner of the games is the last player left with chips. In case the package does not contain enough chips for all the players, they can be created before starting to play.

Story Cubes by Zygomatic

This dice game is considered very good because it stimulates imagination and creativity. The game can be played in different ways but, bottom line, once you roll the dice, you need to start telling a story with “Once upon a time….”.


Tenzi is a number based game, designed especially for the games night. The game gets played in a fast-paced rhythm and can teach about numbers. The game set comes with sets of colored dice and additional separates can be added. If you want to learn more about Tenzi, there are many types of playing it.




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