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Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos often offer FREE bonus cash.  But there's always a catch.  Learn what they mean by a bonus and what you have to do to get your hands on it.

Bonuses are the casinos way of attracting and/or keeping players.  It's like a two-for-one offer in a supermarket.  But there is always a catch to these bonuses or else you'd just take the free money.  Players must abide by the casino's terms and conditions when playing there.  Different bonuses are suited to different players so work out how much you would get according to the amount you want to wager. 

There are four types of bonus an online casino may offer...

No Deposit or Free Bonuses

This is simply a bonus you get for registering with a casino.  You don't have to deposit any money but you may have to give your credit card number.  The catch is that you will either have to wager and gamble the bonus 10 times, or there will be a limit on the amount you can cash-out without making a deposit.   This is a good method of just playing the games and getting a handle on them.  You never know, you may even get lucky.

Signup or First Time or "Match" Bonuses

Casinos pay two types of signup bonuses; percentage bonuses and straight cash.  A straight cash bonus may be a 100 for the first 25 deposited.  But it won't continue to be awarded after the first deposit.  A percentage bonus may be 200% of your deposit up to a maximum.  But you'll have to leave the bonus in your account and never withdraw it.  You can play with this money but you have to make a profit before you can cash it out.   

Ongoing Bonuses

The more you wager and play with a casino the higher your loyalty rating will be.  Some casinos pay ongoing bonuses according to the amount you've redeposited.  Generally these bonuses have the same conditions attached as Free Bonuses: You will have to gamble them a number of times before you can collect.

Special Bonuses

There are too many different kinds of special bonuses to go into here.  Two of the most common are deposit mechanism bonuses and special event bonuses.  If you use a preferred payment method (like Neteller) you'll receive a bonus when you deposit. Special event bonuses may be awarded for gambling a certain amount of money on a particular game or maybe a group of players are just selected at random to receive a bonus when they redeposit.










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