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Casino Craps Comps

"Comps" are complimentary services and extras you get for playing in a casino.  You could possibly turn a losing session at the Craps table into a winning one by making sure you get all your comps.

Casinos will reward big or frequent players and customers with FREE services like meals, drinks, show tickets, hotel rooms, and may even give you FREE chips to play with.  This is their method of encouraging you to frequent their premises and gamble your money with them.  The way they see it, if you've lost X-amount of cash at their tables then they can afford to give you incentives to make sure you choose them as your preferred gaming location and that you will then help raise their profits by giving them your custom.  So, if you intend to play Craps in a  casino anyway, then you should definitely make a point of getting all the FREE extras you can.

Here are some points and advice on how to make sure you get the maximum comps possible.

Remember that comps are a long-haul deal and that to build them up you must be a regular customer.  So, choose a casino/hotel you like.  Maybe one with good restaurants, bars and maybe shows you like.  Whatever your reasons for choosing a particular casino make sure you are happy with it, because to get your maximum comps you are going to spend a lot of time there.

The first thing you can do is to make a point of getting to know the casino crew who are running the tables you're playing on.  Call them by name (they should be wearing name tags) and if they give you a good, helpful, or profitable service you could give them a tip.  Be friendly to them and try and understand that they are working hard for you - the customer.  They are not the enemy.  The crew are more likely to remember you and make sure you get the full comps services coming to you if you follow this advice.  Introduce yourself to the pit-boss and let him know you're a player and let the crew know you are interested in comps.

When you pay for your chips and play at a casino Craps table, the boxman will record your first bet, the amount of chips you purchased and your average bet, so make sure that these are as high as possible - but only when you start the game.

Talk to the Craps table's crew and make sure you get comps for spread bets, not just individual bets. You should also make sure you get full comps for odds bets, proposition bets, and buy or lay bets.

If the casino you visit offers credit, make a point of applying and apply for any frequent visitor/customer programs you can.  Hotel and casino chains offer these kind of promotions sometimes and this will help to increase your profile and comps with them.  Having credit should also increase your reputation with a casino and raise any comps you may get.

Whether you're in a big Vegas hotel/casino or a more modest local casino, before you leave, make sure you claim your comps.  Ask to speak to your host and ask what your time and rating are, then check that they are correct.  Act as if you are entitled to your comps and that they are "what you have coming to you", because you are absolutely entitled to them.  Comps can add up to hundreds in cash value and shouldn't be forgotten about.






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