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Understanding Cho-Han, the popular Japanese dice game

Cho-Han dice game is a very popular and fun gambling game in Japan. It has been played for centuries in many different forms, including as an entertainment activity at festivals or during parties. In modern times, despite the growth of online games (such as ミスティーノカジノ) it has become one of the most widely played games throughout Japan. In this article, we will explain how to play Cho-Han and what are the rules of Cho-Han.

How to play Cho-Han?

The basic idea behind Cho-Han is that players roll two sets of six-sided dice (dice) simultaneously. The first set of dice is called “Kan”, which means “hand”, while the second set of dice is called "Chu" or “head”. 

Each player rolls their own Chu-Kan pair, and then all players compare their scores together. If a player's score exceeds the other players' combined score, he wins the game. Otherwise, if a player's score is lower than the others', they lose the game.

 We can also say that each player rolls his own Kan-Chu pair, and then compares them with the other players' Kan-Chu pairs. This is because the outcome of the game depends on the order in which the players roll their dice.

For example, if Player A rolls a 6 and a 3, and Player B rolls a 7 and a 2, Player A would win the game. However, if Player B rolled a 4 and a 5, Player B would have won the game instead. Therefore, you should always check out your opponents' dice before rolling your own.


What are the Rules of Cho-Han?

There are three main rules of Cho-Han:

  1. When you roll your dice, you must not look at the result of your previous roll. You may only look at the new die after you roll it.
  2. When comparing your results against those of your opponent(s), you must use the same method of comparison. That is, you must count the number of matching dice from both sides.
  3. You cannot change the way you roll your dice. Once you roll them, you must keep rolling until you get a winning combination.


These rules are important because they help prevent cheating. Cheating occurs when someone tries to influence the outcome of the game by looking at the results of another person's dice roll.


When do people play Cho-Han?

You can find Cho-Han parlors everywhere in Japan. However, the most common times to visit them are around lunchtime and dinner time. This is because many people like to eat while playing the game.




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