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BitcoinOnline Casino Roulette: rules and advices

With the current situation, bitcoin casino enthusiasts have no choice but to use online sites to play roulette for fun and great income.

Due to its simplicity of play, roulette quickly gained popularity among players. Today, roulette still ranks among the most played games both online and offline. This is probably because anyone can easily understand the few simple rules of the game.

Today, almost every Bitcoin Online Casino has accepted the digital currency, called Bitcoin, as a payment system. This is perhaps due to the fact that players have developed a growing interest in this new payment system. Aside from the fact that it offers gamblers a hassle-free Bitcoin Roulette experience, it also allows them to play safely using Bitcoins.

With Bitcoins, Bitcoin Casino roulette players get unlimited benefits from this innovative payment system. Some of the main advantages of using Bitcoin Roulette include account anonymity, no cost transactions, and no taxes to pay. The great roulette platform offered on the Bitfiring website is truly one of the best roulettes for playing with Bitcoins. This roulette is fast, well designed, and multi-functional.

The game of roulette, an obvious choice for online gambling

It would be unthinkable today for online casino Bitcoinplatforms not to offer roulette games. These games fit perfectly into the computer world, both on websites and on Android or Apple Store applications. There are "live roulette" games with a live dealer, "American Roulette", "French Roulette". In short, there is plenty to do. From your home, there is more choice than in physical establishments, and you can choose what suits you best according to your level.

The rules and the gameplay of Bitcoin online casino roulette

Depending on the country, they change little but it's all a matter of taste. In all cases, you will play against the house (represented by the dealer), which makes it a fairly individual game. With 37 or 38 squares depending on the European or American version, there are a myriad of different game possibilities. Players place "plays" on the numbers and colors. Anyway, we explained all the rules in another article, but we wanted to remind you that this game is very "mainstream" and enjoyed by the entire online gambling community.

How to start playing with crypto-currencies in roulette

Rest assured, it is individually very simple to start playing with crypto-currencies. For Bitcoin, but it is more or less the same for other currencies, the steps are very simple.

First of all it is important to have a crypto-currency wallet, and many websites allow you to easily host them. Of course, it is also possible to host them on your computer.

Next, you will go to buy crypto-currency, and that with trading sites by exchanging your dollars for micro-Bitcoins (the price is so high that you can buy fractions of Bitcoin down to 1/1000).

The last step is to choose the gambling site that offers you benefits such as welcome bonuses, good reputation (important) and decent operating costs. With crypto-currencies, there is much less private information asked of you, respecting your anonymity more. In addition, transactions are instantaneous.





















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