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The Biggest Craps Rolls Ever



Craps is often the noisiest game played at casinos. Itís especially popular in North America compared to Europe and itís certainly one of the most entertaining casino games available.

In craps, there are 36 possible combinations of the dice, with 7 being the most common rolled. In fact, you have a 16.67% chance of rolling a seven, expecting to roll one every 8.5 rolls.

Craps is a game of luck, and there are many bets you can make including side bets. If you wish to play, you should first learn basic casino craps, and practice playing online for free. 

Nevertheless, in this piece, we cover the biggest ever craps rolls in history. Letís jump in!


Patricia Demauro

In 2009, Demauro visited the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City with a few friends to play craps. Little did she know that lady luck was on her side that evening. She started the game with a bankroll of just $100 and turned it into a fortune.

Demauro played for just over 4 hours at the craps table and rolled 154 times for 25-point numbers. The table filled up, with even casino security keeping a watchful eye.

Itís been calculated that the odds of such a roll is 1 in 1.56 trillion, yet the amount Demauro won has never been disclosed by her or the casino. Itís safe to assume it must be at least 6 figures, not a bad evening's work to say the least.


Stanley Fujitaki

Stanley Fujitaki became a craps legend with his sessions at the California Casino in Las Vegas. The casino mainly caters to gamblers from Hawaii, and even charters flights to the islands to attract players. Stanley was one of them, and in May 1989 it was a bad day for the casino.  

Fujitaki played for approximately 3 hours, rolling the dice 118 times with 18 pass line winners. He won $30k in total but as craps is a community game, the whole table was betting on him to win. Itís estimated that Fujitakiís lucky rolls cost the California Casino $750k that evening.

For his exploits, Fujitaki was nicknamed ďthe golden armĒ and even has a plaque at the casino in his honor.


John Doe

An anonymous player walked into the Tropicana, Atlantic City in 2011 and left with a cool $3.5m playing craps, although he was betting $100k per toss. The same casino also paid out another lucky gambler $1.1m for winning the jackpot on a slot, he only staked $5!

Nevertheless, for slots, finding massive jackpots online is way easier than traveling to the casino. To help players, comparison platforms produce unbiased reviews on real money slots and even check for the best welcome bonuses. In addition, you are able to play demo versions of the games and expert tips are provided.

Slots are much simpler than craps, but often do not carry the same level of excitement. At the Tropicana, the dice player spent 6 hours at the casino playing craps, however, the way he won is unknown. The player was asked back for another round of high-stakes craps, but whether he returned was not revealed. The croupiers also had a memorable night, with one being tipped $150k by the player.


Car Dealer from Detroit

An incredible story that happened way back in 1947. It has since been dubbed ďthe unfinished handĒ, and was played at the 86 Club in Miami. In addition to the car dealer, there were several high rollers playing on the table that evening.

It was a late session, starting around 2 am. The car dealer began shooting the dice and kept winning. The whole craps game lasted 90 minutes and it ended with the car dealer getting a visit from the casino owners Ė Charley Thomas and Jack Fidlander.

They announced that the casino was closed after losing $300k to many different players. In today's money itís estimated to be worth around $3.8m, and eventually, put the casino out of business.



Dice is all about luck, and when youíre on a hot run, you should max it out. What makes craps unique from other table games is that youíre able to bet on a player, rather than just betting against the house. Witnessing such luck in craps is rare, but if you were part of it, it would be something to remember for the rest of your life!




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