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Become a Better Poker Player in 5 Minutes

Here are some simple but effective tips that will instantly give you a better understanding of the game and help you become a winning player.

Do you feel that you have a decent grasp of the game and a high level of experience but still struggling to make a profit playing? Youíre definitely no alone there, millions of experienced poker players face the same difficulty. After all, you must factor in that luck plays a role in this game as well and even the best players in the world will have the occasional unlucky losing streak.

With that in mind, make sure youíre also exercising the following good habits when youíre playing. So that the tables at Jackpot City wonít intimidate you in the least.


Forget About Having Favorite Hands

Many players have a certain hand that they would consider their favorite. It could be that they simply perceive it as being high value, or that they have won big with specific cards in the past. However, the reality is that your hand is really only as good as what it represents for that specific round. For instance, if you happen to get your favorite hand, but itís nothing compared to the possibilities your opponents could have based on the community cards, then you need to learn to let it go easily.

Does this mean you shouldnít have a favorite hand at all? Not exactly, but it does mean that you shouldnít allow yourself to be too emotionally invested in specific hands where it causes you to make illogical decisions.


Remain Consistent in Your Strategy

One of the most important keys to being a great poker player is to consistently apply a good winning strategy to your playing. This should go regardless of how youíre feeling or what your recent results have been.

Think of it this way, youíve spent all this time practicing, and learning how to become a good poker player for years. So, you already have the knowledge needed to win and thereís no sense in winging every game by switching things up too often. Regardless of if this is out of boredom or you feel itís time to try something new. The only time you should be doing this is in free games of poker where experimentation is absolutely normal and even encouraged.


Donít Over Bluff

A lot of people are under the impression that bluffing constantly is just part of the being a great poker player. However, knowing how and when to bluff effectively are whatís really important in actually beating your competition. Sometimes holding back from bluffing is what will help you more in the long run. Especially if you are playing with regular opponents, the last thing you want is for them to be able to predict what you are up to. Based on your previous bluffs that didnít work out. Being a good player is also being able to recognize when itís time to fold and cut your losses.






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