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The history and types of dice games you can play

(Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/m4sGYaHYN5o)


Dice are one of the most common tools used for entertainment and playing. They are an important part of all sorts of games, from gambling to board games such as monopoly. You probably have a pair of dice in your home right now, but how much do you really know about these handy numbered objects?


The long history of dice  

The history of dice is a bit tricky to trace back but one thing is for certain: dice go way back. They were used even before humans started to record history. Because of this, it is hard to know when they were invented. Imagine this, the oldest pair of dice ever found are estimated to date back to 2800 and 2500 BC, and itís believed the items were around even before then.

Itís theorized that dice came from the tradition of Knucklebones. Later on, dice developed and changed to fit new games. The first dice sets were probably made from the astragalus (better known as the ankle bone) of animals that were hunted by humans.


Types of dice

Dice come in many forms, they adapt to fit the purpose needed. The mechanics of dice are simple: a player will throw the dice, the piece will land on one of its faces, showing a number or a symbol on the opposite side, facing upward. This simplicity is what makes it so easy to give it diverse utility. Here are some of the most famous types of dice:


     The six-sided dice: itís the most common type of dice that has six faces marked with dots numbered from one to six.

     The Polyhedral dice: can come in many shapes and any number of sides

     Non-numerical dice: it contains symbols instead of numbers on its sides

     Alternatively numbered dice: the numbers on the dice do not follow a set sequence

     Spherical dice: shaped like a sphere that can have numbers or symbols


Types of dice games

Online dice games

A diceís versatility makes it a big part of the games played on Betsson online casino and other webpages. Dice are always around in online casinos either alone or as a part of other games.

One person dice games

     Yahtzee: youíll need five dice to play this one. Yahtzee is not just the name of the game, itís also a score. Yahtzee occurs when you get five of a kind which gives you the highest score of 50 points. Fun fact: you can play alone or with a group.

     Ten Pins: this is basically bowling but here itís played with dice, lasting ten rounds with three throws each turn.

Group dice games

     Craps: one of the most popular dice games, especially in casinos. The most interesting thing about craps is that only one person can throw the dice but many players can bet on the outcome. Itís also popular to play outside of casinos, all you need is a pair of dice and players.

     Liarís: like the name implies this game is all about tricking your opponent and figuring out if they are deceiving you. Fun fact this game was very popular amongst pirates


Dice are so simple but so versatile in their application to various games. Remember that if you are looking to play any of the games mentioned above and you can't find a pair of dice, you can probably find an option online. You are sure to find a variable of a dice game that suits you, whether itís playing alone or with others, long or short games. There is a dice alternative that you will have fun playing!






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