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Craps Dice Setting Scam - Dice Control

If you've learnt the dice setting technique and the Blanket Roll then there is a little something extra to learn if you want to be certain not to get burnt.

In a game of Craps the cheat can use a number of different combinations of placing and holding the two dice in his hand with the Lock Grip when using the Blanket Roll or Rhythm Rolling.  But an even more experienced Craps scammer has a another trick to pull on the unsuspecting, less experienced Craps crook.

Now, the Blanket Roll was used during both World Wars by some American servicemen to scam money from other soldiers in Craps games.  But the story goes that a crooked American GI let many of his friends in on the technique so they could make extra money too.  But he neglected to tell them the full facts of the technique. 

The facts are that dice setting and the Blanket Roll are a percentage gamble.  That is, it changes the odds but doesn't guarantee a particular result.  The soldiers who knew about the scam would always bet the dice to win whenever the crooked GI was shooting, thinking that the odds were in their favour.  But what they didn't know was that the crooked GI had teamed up with a friend and told him to bet against him winning whenever he was shooting for a 5 or 9 point number.  This is because it is possible to guarantee that a 5 or 9 will never be rolled if the shooter holds the 3 or 4 and 3 or 4 together when using the Lock Grip and Blanket Roll.  The crooked GI knew he would never make the point and could only ever eventually crap out.  His friend would simply give him his profit later.  The other soldiers, who knew the technique, never caught on, thinking that a percentage shot wasn't a guarantee and that the crooked GI was merely unlucky sometimes.









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