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The Most Popular Dice Games in the Middle East

The Middle East is full of history, which doesn't just mean centuries-old buildings and monuments. It also means a rich tapestry of cultural traditions, and some of the region's most popular dice games are no exception.

Dice games have been played for centuries by people everywhere, from Cairo to Dubai, and they are still popular today. They're not just random rolls; instead, part of a rich tradition that brings people together from all walks of life.

This article will look at some of the most common dice games played in the Middle East.

Casino Craps

In the Middle East, and indeed, across the globe, casino craps is the most popular dice game. Nowadays itís possible to play craps online for real money, as well as other table games like baccarat, roulette, and blackjack.

All Middle Eastern players need a VPN, and it is recommended to use payment methods like e-wallets (Skrill or NETELLER) or cryptocurrencies to stay anonymous. To help, comparison sites advise on how to do this and recommend the best online casinos. In addition, the platform checks for the biggest welcome bonuses, to increase your bankroll when you start playing!

The game is easy to learn and play, but there are a few things that you need to know before you get started playing for real money. Here are some tips for playing casino craps like a pro:

        Know the rules of the game before you play

        Know how to bet on the pass line and don't pass line bettors

        Play with good money management

        Learn how to make odds bets, such as teasers, proposition bets, and field bets

Ten Thousand (Dice 10000)

Ten Thousand (Dice 10000) is one of the most popular dice games played in the Middle East. It's a straightforward game that all ages can play, so it's perfect for your next family reunion or party.

The game is played with six dice, and any number of players can play at once. The goal is to score the highest number possible by rolling ten thousand points.

The rules of the Ten Thousand dice game are as follows:

        Each player starts with six dice. There is no limit to how many times players can roll their dice during the game.

        Players can choose to keep their results or re-roll them until they get what they want or until they run out of options to control or re-roll their results.

        Once a player has reached ten thousand points, they win the game.

Poker Dice

Poker dice require two or more players and at least two sets of poker dice (a collection consists of two dice). Each player rolls their own set of poker dice, wanting to roll as close to 7 as possible.

If the closest number does not exceed seven, that round wins. If players go over seven during their turn, they lose the round and must pay their opponents to double what they had wagered.


Qualify is a dice game that has a blanched level of luck and strategy. Two or more players play the game. It's possible to make a typical board with a sheet of paper and six-sided dice. Each player takes turns rolling the dice and moving around the board.

A board serves two main purposes: it provides structure and organization for the dice rolls, and it acts as a guide for players during their turn.

The goal is to get all four of their pieces into their home row. They are sent back to start if you land on someone else's piece. If you land on one of your pieces, it stays where it is, and you must move again.

You can only move forward on each turn, so if there is no space ahead, you must go back until there is one open spot for you to continue your turn. If you roll doubles, then all players must re-roll until they roll something different e.g., if two 5s are rolled, then everyone else must re-roll.

Roll or Toss the Dice Your Way to Fun!

Apart from being an exciting game to play, there is no doubt that dice is one of the simplest games to play that require little or no equipment. All you need are your friends, a die, and some playing chips, and you can start your adventure into the fun world of dice.




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