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Enjoyable Classic Card Games That Kids Can Easily Play

Are you looking for an indoor activity to delight the kids and keep them occupied for hours? Look no further! Classic card games are a perfect way to unite the family in an extremely interactive setting. Whether your kids are four or 14, these classic card games offer something delightful for everyone. Plus, it doesnít require the latest smartphone or console to play!


From Go Fish to Crazy Eights, we've rounded up all of our favorite classic card games that will have your youngsters giggling with glee in no time. So grab some cards, get those shuffling skills ready, and go on a nostalgic adventure back into the childhood memory lane.

Teach Your Kids Some Timeless Card Games


Below is our meticulously curated list of card games designed for kids to enjoy! We understand that kids can have difficulty understanding their game mechanics, but the ones below are designed for easy comprehension and quick play. You can also access their digital versions if you donít have some physical cards with you.

Go Fish


The first game on our list is Go Fish, which up to ten kids can join. A standard deck of 52 cards is used, which is shuffled and dealt to each player beginning from the dealer's left side. All players receive five cards and the remaining cards are placed in the middle as the fishpond.


The game begins when the player to the dealer's left asks the next player if they have a particular card. If yes, the player must give it to the asker. If not, they will tell the asker to "go fish" while referring to the fishpond. The player will draw a card from the fishpond. If the player gets one or more cards of the named rank that was asked, they can keep asking the same or another player for a card.


When a player makes a catch, they must show it for verification. If they manage to make a four-of-a-kind match, they must place it on the table for everyone to see. The game ends once 13 four-of-a-kind matches or books have been made. The player with the most books wins.



An interesting intro to trick-taking games is Spades, which is ideal for kids due to its straightforward rules. The objective is to score at least the number of tricks bid. It's also suitable for four players in partnerships, so you and another parent can partner with your respective children to make teaching them more manageable.


How to play Spades:


     The game begins with each player receiving 13 cards, and the remaining cards are placed in the middle as the stockpile.

     Players must bid the number of tricks they believe they can take, and the player to the dealer's left begins the trick.

     Spades are the trump cards and are not allowed to lead a trick.

     Players must follow suit or play any card if they don't have one from the lead suit.

     The highest value card in the lead suit wins the trick unless a trump card is played; then, the highest trump card wins.

     The player who wins a trick chooses the suit for the next round.


Even if all players play individually, they must still bid and win as a team. If the team makes the number of tricks they bid, they will gain more points. The first team to win 500 points wins. Play the Spades card game online first to learn more about its gameplay.

Crazy Eights


If you're familiar with UNO, Crazy Eights will be easy as pie for you and your children. It has the same playstyle but uses a standard deck of 52 cards, and all eights are wild cards. Each player is dealt five cards; the remaining cards are placed in the middle as the draw pile. The top card becomes the starter card, and the leading player must place a card with the same number or rank as the starter card


Subsequent players will follow the suit or number of the cards before them. If they can't, they will draw a card from the pile until they can play. If a player plays an eight, they must declare the next suit or number to be played by the next player. The goal is to be the first one to eliminate all cards from their hand.


If all cards are exhausted, the game ends, and all cards remaining in the player's hands are tallied. Aces give one point, face cards give ten points, and all number cards are face value. The player with the lowest points wins.



Snap is a simple card-matching game for two players, and it's perfect for kids who are beginning to develop their motor skills. A standard deck of 52 cards is used, and the ultimate goal is to win all the cards. Therefore, your kids must have quick reflexes to win. It's also designed for two players, but some variations can accommodate more.


How to play Snap:


     The dealer deals all cards equally to the players by laying down one card at a time facing down.

     The players grab their face-down cards and neatly place them into a pile.

     The player to the dealer's left turns over their top card and places it face-up next to their face-down pile. All players follow this mechanic.

     If a card matches an already face-up card on another player's pile, they shout "Snap!" to win both piles and add it to the bottom of their existing pile.

     If both players shout simultaneously, both piles are combined and placed in the middle as the Snap Pot.


The Snap Pot can be won once a player's new face-up card matches the face-up card on top of it, which is when they shout "Snap Pot!" to get all the piles. If a player runs out of cards in their face-down pile, the cards on the face-up pile are shuffled and used again.

Give Your Kids Something Unforgettable to Play


Card games have always been the simplest way to entertain and bond with kids. Playing these games can help them develop their cognition, communication skills, and strategic thinking. So don't wait because now is the perfect time to jumpstart their journey towards classic card games! Begin with the games above, and they will forget what a video game is in just a few days!






















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