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Hustler's Craps Scams

Odds can be confusing and hustlers who know how they work will give you all sorts of lines.  Scams are set-up to take your cash by letting you believe the odds are in your favour when they are not.  Remember a little knowledge about odds can be dangerous.  


Bar 6-8 Proposition Bet

Hustlers will sometimes propose to a sucker that he will take a bet while shooting with 6 and 8 barred.  That is that a come out throw of 6 or 8 is ignored and that the hustler rethrows the dice to establish another point number.  The sucker thinks he's on to a good thing because 6 and 8 are the easiest points to make and he has just given up the chance of making them.  What the hustler is doing is giving themselves more chances with more come out rolls.  The odds of  winning on the come out roll favour the shooter.  8 ways to make a natural (six ways to make 7 and two ways to make 11) and 4 ways to crap out (one way for 1-1, one way for 6-6 and two ways for 1-2).  The number of ways to make a point is reduced and so the disadvantage the shooter faces when trying to throw their point before a 7 is avoided by throwing naturals.  


Hardway Proposition Scam

A hustler will claim that he's just cleaned up at the casino by making Hardway bets.  A sucker who thinks he has some knowledge of Craps will tell him that the odds are stacked in the casino's favour with Hardway bets.  The hustler challenges him to a game with Hardway bets paying out at casino odds.  That is the hustler wins if the dice come up as a double.  He is paid 7 to 1 if 2-2 or 5-5 come up and at 9 to 1 if 3-3 or 4-4 come up.  the hustler loses if the total is made without a double or if 7 comes up.  This does not reflect the casino odds because they only payoff on a single Hardway, not all four of them.  The hustlers edge on 4 and 10 is a huge 38.8%, and on 6 and 8 it is still a considerable 31.8%.


Casino Call Bet Scam

A scam which works, just occasionally, against the casino.  Sometimes casinos play quarter craps (25 cents a bet).  This means you can cover all the numbers except the point by betting only $6.50 if the point is 6 or 8 (otherwise $6.75 is needed).  Just before the shooter rolls the player calls out 'six fifty on the numbers'.  If by some remote chance the dealer inadvertently replies 'your covered', because he is caught up in the action and not paying attention, the player is smugly satisfied.  Should he lose because the shooter has rolled a 7 he puts down $6.50.  If he wins because the shooter has rolled a place number other than the point he puts down $650 and collects.  This is why casino's state 'no call bets' on their layouts, but should they mistakenly take one without determining precisely the bet being made there is nothing they can do.











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