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Casino Craps Cheating

With such large sums of money involved in casino Craps, it is inevitable that some players may try and cheat.  If you're interested, you can learn all about the cheat's unfair methods of swindling a game here.

Cheats will resort to many desperate and ingenious ways to unfairly succeed in a casino Craps game.  Before you read any further to learn all about these cheating methods, be warned that if you are caught cheating you may very well be prosecuted and end up in prison.  Casinos make it their business to know the ins and outs of all the cheating techniques around and are  constantly vigilant to catch players trying any underhand method to win their money. If you want to know the cheat's techniques out of curiosity and general interest then read on.

Crooked dice that favour some numbers over others are a favourite way to cheat in a Craps game.  There are a great many ingenious methods used by cheats to tamper with and modify dice to unfairly bias them.  To learn everything you need to know about these techniques, see Crooked Dice.

Casino's use security methods to help prevent crooked dice from being introduced into a Craps game.  Serial numbers are marked on precision casino dice to identify them and casinos have tight dice procedures in force to prevent any switch of dice during the course of play.  To learn how cheats may switch the dice in a game, see the Shooting/Rolling page.

Controlled shooting techniques are considered cheating, but proving the use of these methods is hard so players using them are unlikely to be actually prosecuted for it. However, a casino can refuse to accept a players custom and may ask them to leave the table at any time and for any reason.  They will certainly do so if they think a player is successfully controlling the dice when shooting.  If you want to learn how to control dice when shooting, then see the Shooting/Rolling page.

A more obvious way to cheat in a Craps game is to simply take other players' chips.  Remember to keep an eye on your chips, whether placed on the table, in the side rail, or carried on your person.  This is just common sense to prevent the outright theft of your money.

A cheat may also take the opportunity to place their chips on a betting space on the Craps table after the dice have been thrown and the winning result has been decided. This can happen in the hectic activity in a Craps game, after a good roll and players are celebrating, for example, when the Craps table crew may be momentarily distracted and not keeping a keen eye on the gameplay.









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