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The Rules and Strategies for Playing Big Six Wheel in Casinos


Photo by Pixabay: https://www.pexels.com/photo/blue-green-and-purple-poker-chips-39856/ 

Have you given the Big Six Wheel a spin? This basic casino game, also known as the Wheel of Fortune,  is less famous than traditional roulette games but can also provide fun and excitement.

You can find “The Big Six” at various online casinos, along with other games like poker, blackjack, and American roulette. In addition, other gambling activities include betting on college and pro sports like football, basketball, and hockey.    

Some newbie gamblers, in particular, may feel anxious about playing in casinos. They can use natural remedies to keep calm and focus on placing bets.  

Here are some critical rules and strategies for the Big Six Wheel that may help you make better bets and increase your chance of winning. 

Big Six Wheel: The Basic Rules

Most versions of Big Six feature a big upright wheel, unlike the horizontal wheel of roulette games like European roulette. This feature makes the game more visible in land-based casinos. Colors, lights, and sounds can also make the game more noticeable. 

The game is known by several names, including:

     Big Six Wheel

     Big Wheel

     Wheel of Fortune

     Money Wheel

     Lucky Wheel


You may see other names of the game that include “wheel.”

The name of the game is for the wheel to stop on the segment on which a player bets. The various sections have different chances of winning and payout amounts. 

How to Play Big Six Wheel

Players place their bets on the layout’s box, matching a symbol on the wheel. The big wheel contains spaces marked with wild symbols. The symbols may have dollar bills, colors, or numbers.

An example is 54 spaces marked with seven symbols, including two special symbols (wild and casino logo).

A player can place a bet until the dealer stops accepting bets.

Some special mechanical requirements apply in physical casinos. A spinning wheel must often complete a minimum number of rotations to be a valid spin.

In addition, the wheel’s flapper indicating the winning symbol must also stop inside a space for a valid spin.

A player wins if the wheel stops on the symbol on which they bet. Meanwhile, the other bets lose.

Odds and Payouts

The Big Six game’s paytable determines the payouts for winning symbols. Odds and paytables may differ if you play at different physical casinos. Examples include Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

If you play Big Six online, you should also research the odds and payouts for various symbols.

Strategies to Make Better Bets on Big Six Wheel

Big Six is a game of chance, so the number of strategies you can use is somewhat limited.  You can still take steps to improve your chance of winning.

The two main strategies you can use include which bets you can make and how much you bet. While it helps to have “Lady Luck” on your side, you can also take steps to increase your chance of winning.

Play Higher-Regulated Big Six Games

For example, games in Australia tend to be more regulated than in the United States. More regulation means each bet gives you the same chance of winning.

For example, you’ll get the same payout whether one kangaroo or two dozen koala symbols determine your winning bet. 

More regulation can give you a better chance of winning whether you play at land-based or online casinos.

Make Two Extra Bets Per Round

This option may help you maximize short-term winnings.

Let’s say you bet $20 on the $1 space and $20 on both wild symbols.

You’ll have about a 48% chance of winning any money. However, the payout for the $1 space will likely be 1:1.

This betting strategy can increase your winnings. On the other hand, it may not cover the costs of betting an extra $40 on the wild cards each spin.

Set a Winning and Losing Limit

Like other forms of gambling, you may go on a winning or losing streak when playing Wheel of Fortune. Setting winning and losing limits can help prevent you from betting until you lose your entire bankroll. That’s always a bad thing.

Quitting after a winning streak can be challenging if you “feel lucky.” Still, having fiscal discipline can help maximize your profits.

Meanwhile, “chasing losses' ' can also reduce your chance of maximizing profits. This action causes gamblers to keep gambling to recoup their losses. While it’s a possibility, it can cause your losses to be exponentially higher if a losing streak continues.

Consider “Short Odds” Bets

While these bets have smaller payouts, you also have a better chance of winning.

This one’s simple. If you want to win more (lose less), stick to the game’s “short odds.” Such odds have a higher chance of winning.

For example, consider an even-money bet (1:1 odds) that gives you the same chance of winning or losing.

For example, in America, the $1 bill symbols make up nearly half of the 54 spots on the wheel.

Keep in mind that even-money bets can still be expensive. The main benefit is you’re playing to lose less rather than win more. Aren’t those ideas the same? They’re actually different!  

Set a Maximum Number of Bets

Besides setting a maximum winning and losing amount, you can limit how many bets you make. Consider starting with a low number and gradually increasing your Big Six bets per session.

Just as importantly, stick to the maximum number of bets you set.

Wrap Up

It’s advisable to learn basic rules and strategies when playing Big Six Wheel. This situation is just like other casino games. Ensure, though, that you’re also having fun.

Even-money odds aren’t like 2:1 payouts for natural blackjacks (ace and ten-value card) at online casinos. Still, the strategies mentioned above may increase your chance of having big luck on the Big Wheel!





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