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Also known as Spot, Dicey, Roll-Ten and Birdie. Known in Italy as Talus, in Turkey as Zarf and sometimes known by its French name Passe-Dix.  This is an ancient Roman gambling game said to have been played by the centurions for Christ's garments at his crucifixion.  It is played with three dice and stakes.


Each player takes it in turn at being the bank.  Players lay bets on the outcome of the dice.  One of the players (usually the player to the bank's left) throws the three dice.  If they total less than 10 then the players lose their wagers.  If the total is 10 or more, then the banker loses and pays out an equal amount on the players' bets.

The banker is at a disadvantage and hustlers try and avoid taking up the position.


Some gamblers prefer to make the odds fairer for the banker by making a total of exactly 10 a winning number for the bank.



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