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A simple game of bluff that requires three dice, stakes or counters and ideally a throwing cup.


The first player rolls the dice in the throwing cup and, keeping them concealed from the other players, takes a look at the numbers thrown.  They then announce a three digit number representing the dice values, which may be true or a bluff.  6,6,6 ranks the highest and 1,1,1 the lowest.  The digits are called in descending order e.g. 5,3,1. 

The next player then takes the dice, without looking, and must either challenge the call or take a look and roll 1, 2, 3 or none of the dice and announce a call of a higher value.  Players must honestly declare the number of dice they are rolling. 

Play continues until a challenge is made.  Once a player is challenged, all the dice are exposed.  If they show a lower ranking three digit number than the last call, the player who called it pays a counter to the challenger.  If the dice show the same or higher ranking number, the challenger pays a counter to the caller.  Should a player call 6,6,6, the next player must challenge. 

You can play a fixed number of rounds or simply stop play on agreement.

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