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This is a banking game played with five dice, that requires stakes.


The banker covers each stake the other players put up, to an agreed limit.  Each player in turn has five throws, putting the highest die to one side after each roll and throwing with the remainder.  After the last throw, with the last die, the five dice put aside are totalled. If the total is 25 or more, then the player wins and takes his stake back with an equal amount of the banker's.  If the total is 24 or less, the banker collects the player's stake.


A more social game, sometimes called High Dice, can be played without a banker.  Each player puts up a pre-determined stake, then in turn throws the dice and must put aside one (or more if they wish) after each roll and throw the remainder again.  The winner is the player with the highest total once everyone has had a turn, who then takes the stakes. 



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