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Heaven and Nine

Called Chak T'in Kau in Chinese.  A simple Chinese gambling game played with two dice and stakes.  Best played with four or more players.


Each player holds the bank in turn.  The banker sets a limit for players' bets and the other players place their wager in front of themselves.  Once the banker has covered the bets, the game begins.

The banker throws the two dice.  The 21 possible hands are divided into two categories; Civil or Military, and rank as listed below.

Civil Military
6-6 Heaven 5-4 Nines
1-1 Earth 6-3 "     "
4-4 Man 5-3 Eights
3-1 Harmony 6-2 "    "
5-5 Plum Flowers 4-3 Sevens
3-3 Long Threes 5-2 "    "
2-2 Bench 4-2 Six
6-5 Tigers Head 3-2 Fives
6-4 Red-Head Ten 4-1 "    "
6-1 Long Leg Seven 2-1 Final Three
5-1 Red Mallet Six    

The banker automatically wins all bets if he throws Heaven or Nines.

The banker automatically loses all bets if he throws Red Mallet Six or Final Three.

If the banker throws any other combination then each player in turn settles the bet by throwing the dice.  A player's throw doesn't count unless it is in the same suit as the bankers and they must continue to throw the dice until it is.  Players win their bet if they throw a higher ranking combination and lose if they throw a lower ranking one.  In the case of a tie, neither the player or banker win and their stakes are withdrawn.

The banker maintains his position until a round is completed in which he has lost a bet.  The player to his left then becomes the new banker.





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